Magí Puig

Magí Puig born in Palou, Lleida, in 1966. Graduates from Sant Jordi Fine Arts School, Barcelone, in 1989 and studies at Winchester School of fine Arts (United Kingdom). Nowadays lives and works in Tàrrega.

Since he was a child pencil was a good friend, later like a natural event arrived studies at the Arts Faculty in Barcelona, there brush painting won prominence and became the tool to translate into images his need to interpret the world around him.

Casual life scenes, such as markets, first local and after around the world: Senegal, Turkey, Cuba and Vietnam are common themes in his work. Also human figure and its light in an open scenario, like beaches or the family privacy life.

The painter is defining himself as an alchemist.
He distills the essence of a complex reality to offer its essence. Like a colors perfume through the skin and looking for the soul.